‘Avoid new year celebrations, pay condolences to frontline workers’

Telangana’s Director of Public Health G Srinivasa Rao has requested people to avoid new year celebrations and pay condolences to people who died of COVID-19 including frontline workers. From March 2 to December 29, 36 employees from the State Health department are among the 1538 people from the State who died of COVID-19.

Police personnel and employees of other Health departments too who were in the front line of the COVID-19 management contracted the infectious disease and died.

As a vaccine against coronavirus is expected in January, the senior official has urged people to maintain COVID-19 precautions for a few more weeks.

On the whole, over 3000 employees of the Health department contracted COVID-19. And 36 of them have died while ₹50 lakh insurance by Central government is approved to family members of 21 who died. Dr Srinivasa said that they included doctors, nurses, driver, receptionist and others. Out of the 21, family members of 15 have already received the amount.

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