Bengal: Couple held for murder of 20-year-old woman

The Kolkata Police’s detective department arrested a couple in the early hours on Sunday on charges of the murder of a 20-year-old woman in the city’s Ekbalpore area on November 19.

Saba Khatoon’s body was found inside a white polythene sack that local residents spotted at night and informed the police.

Initially, Sheikh Sajid alias Rohit (30), a resident of Maulana Mohammad Ali Road at Ekbalpore, was arrested and later, his wife, Anjum Begum (26), was also taken into custody, said Murlidhar Sharma, joined commissioner of police (JCP), (crime), Kolkata Police.

An officer, who is probing the murder case, said on condition of anonymity that Sajid was having an extramarital affair with Khatoon and allegedly murdered her. Begum broke down during interrogation and confessed to the crime and said that she helped Sajid dump the body, the officer said.

Investigations revealed that for the last couple of months Khatoon was living with a friend. Khatoon’s mother died years ago and later she was abandoned by her father. Khatoon lived with her grandmother.

On November 18, Khatoon received a call on her mobile phone around 7:30 pm and left her friend’s house. She could not be contacted on her phone thereafter.

Hours later, local residents spotted the polythene sack on the road, from which a woman’s feet were jutting out.

“There was a non-continuous ligature mark around the victim’s neck, which suggested that she was strangulated. There were also some abrasion marks on her elbow,” the officer added.

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