Bhatti challenges KCR to a debate on projects

‘CM is facing opposition from inside the party and outside’

Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Bhatti Vikramarka has claimed that the intemperate language of the Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekhar Rao against the Congress was due to the rising opposition from the people which he is unable to digest.

Speaking to the farmers in Anthargam in Ramagundam as a part of his “Interaction with Farmers” tour, he said the irresponsible and frustrated language against the Congress in the Haliya meeting will not be spared.

He reminded that Telangana was a reality due to Sonia Gandhi and asked Mr. Rao whether he would have been the Chief Minister had Congress not granted separate state.

Without Sonia Gandhi and her pressure to introduce the Telangana bill in the Parliament, separate State would have remained a dream, he said.

Mr. Bhatti said Mr. Rao has become selfish and so is criticising the party that made Telangana what it is today. It is natural that he is getting frustrated with opposition rising from within and outside, Mr. Bhatti claimed.

The CLP leader said it has become a habit for KCR to tell lies on welfare of farmers. They are not getting the MSP while loan waiver promise has been forgotten and now they are being threatened by Mr. Rao with closing down all the procurement centres, Mr. Bhatti charged.

Accusing KCR of indulging in huge corruption in the irrigation projects, Mr. Bhatti challenged him to come for a debate at any project. "I am ready for a discussion at Sripadasagar Yellampalli with all the documents. Is he ready?."

He also ridiculed the ₹1,000 crore fund fresh promise for Dalits and said the government was supposed to spend ₹1.05 lakh crores under SC/ST Sub Plan in the last seven years but Mr. Rao is mum on it.

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