Bigg Boss 4: Who will be evicted this week?

Bigg Boss Season 4 is in its third week. Already two contestants have been evicted from the show, Surya Kiran and Karate Kalyani. Two contestants have made their entry Kumari Sai and Avinash thus making it again 16 contestants in the show. In the third week’s nomination, 7 contestants have got nominated and it turns to be interesting who will be evicted.

Devi Nagavalli, Monal Gajjar, Ariana, Kumar Sai, Mehaboob, Lasya, and Harika have been nominated. Out of these seven, as per our reports, Harika, Lasya, Monal, Kumar Sai are already in the safe zone. The majority of the votes are being polled to these four contestants.

Mehaboob is performing well and he is developing day after day. He is mingling with the other contestants. Also, he is very strong in physical tasks. He will give his 100 percent in dances and physical tasks.

So Mehaboob might be saved as well. However, Devi Nagavalli and Ariana are in the danger zone as of now. We have to see who will be evicted in the third week.

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