Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Ravi and Lahari hug each other at midnight

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is watched by many sections including the youngsters. Monday was the day of nomination. The recent episode of  Bigg Boss 5 Telugu, Vishwa got emotional while sharing with Shanmukh Jaswant about  the  financial crisis during the lockdown and pandemic.

Shanmukh consoled Viswa. For the nomination task, the housemate had to stamp the contestant’ name that they wanted to nominate for the  elimination on the tile that was arranged on the Wall of Shame.

Sreerama Chandra nominated Maanas. He  also nominated Ravi for dragging the issue between him and Manas. Siri nominated Swetha for behaving rude and nominated Lahari for becoming passive. Sunny nominated Priya  and Kajal. Nataraj nominated Siri and Kajal whereas Anee nominated Sreerama Chandra and Maanas adding that they are physically strong and they must leave the  Bigg Boss house in order for her to survive. Lobo nominated  Priyanka Singh and Sreerama Chandra whereas Priyanka Singh nominated Lobo and Jaswanth.

Priya nominated Lahari for eviction. She also mentioned that Lahari was busy with everyone else, especially all the men in the  Bigg Boss house. When Lahari objected to this, Priya revealed that she saw Ravi and Lahari hugged in the restroom at midnight.

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