Bill Gates is in romantic relationship with 60-year-old Paula Hurd

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has chosen a new partner in his life. Bill Gates is dating 60-year-old Paula Heard. Paula Hurd is the wife of Mark Hurd, former CEO of the  tech giant Oracle. According to the latest report, 67-year-old Bill Gates has been in a relationship with Paula Heard for more than one year. The love birds were spotted together at the Australian Open tennis tournament last month. Both sat side by side and watched the match. A close friend of them revealed that the two were in a romantic relationship and they were inseparable. 

Paula Hurd’ husband Mark Hurd died  in 2019 after a long battle with the  cancer. Paula Hurd and she worked as a tech executive. Currently she is working as an event planner. Paula is very active in social service activities. On the other hand, it is known that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates got divorced in the year 2021 and ended almost 30 years of married life.

Gates and French Gates share  3 children, daughters Jennifer, 26, and Phoebe, 20, and son Rory, 23.  Currently Jennifer is expecting her 1st child with husband Nayel Nassar.

Bill Gates is the son of William H. Gates Sr.and Mary Maxwell Gates.


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