BIS to improve awareness on quality standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which celebrated its 75th year of foundation on Thursday, will continue to focus on sensitising the public on the need for an eco system that promotes quality of products and services.

In Coimbatore, the branch head of BIS, Meenkashi Ganesan, said there were over 2,000 licencees in the jewellery sector and 1,150 in other sectors. They were spread across seven districts, including Salem, Namakkal, the Nilgiris, Erode, Coimbatore and Tiruppur. Apart from jewellery, the other sectors where the licencees were present were pumpsets, food and textiles.

The number of licencees was on the rise with better awareness, said Ms. Ganesan.

On Thursday, the BIS inaugurated a Standards Club at the government school at Sarkar Samakulam and felicitated the South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) for its contributions for development of standards.

The BIS would continue to create awareness among the public, students, and officials on the need for creating an eco system that would promote quality, she said.

Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association president K.V. Karthik told The Hindu in the pumpset industry, the end product manufacturers (those who make the pumpsets) had BIS licence and the customers also asked for ISI-marked pumpsets, especially in the agriculture and domestic segments. However, the use of ISI mark should improve among those who supplied to the branded manufacturers.

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