Calicut University setting up student service centre

3 lakh students to benefit from facility with toll-free number

Students from faraway districts may no longer have to come to the Calicut University campus to address their academic queries or spend a long time over the phone calling the information section to clear doubts.

The varsity is planning to have a student service centre with a toll-free number, modelled on customer care centres of companies.

Named ‘Digital Student Service Centre’, the civil works for the facility is almost complete and the tender process is going on. Around three lakh students will benefit from this. “We are trying if a student’s request for information or services could be solved within 24 hours,” V.L. Lajish, Director, Calicut University Computer Centre, said on Thursday.

The services would be available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Calls after that would be recorded to be addressed the next day. Six persons had been trained to handle the calls. “If possible, the call centre staff will try to solve the issues. Otherwise, it will be directed to the section concerned. The student will get a message on their mobile phone or email after the complaint is registered. They can track its progress,” Mr. Lajish said. Along with this, information kiosks would be set up at the Tagore Nikethan where students can do online services on their own.

Mr. Lajish said that five more persons would be added to the staff at the call centre over a period of time. The effort would be to offer automated services in the future.

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