Can earn more with begging than selling vote: Pawan Kalyan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan said if an individual begs on the street he/she can make more money than the selling a vote for just Rs 2000. On Sunday Pawan met Jana Sena party activists at the party office in Mangalagiri. He widely discussed about the failure of Jana Sena party and its candidates in the polls.

During the interacting, Pawan reportedly said that he spoke to few voters and asked them how much money did they receive from political parties. Many have replied that they got Rs 2000 for a single vote. “If the Rs 2000 is divided for all the days of the next five years, an individual will get Rs 1. People who beg on the roads earn more than people who are selling their votes,” is what Pawan said to Jana Sena activists.

Pawan also clarified that he is not going to leave politics instead will see who will stand by him when he is at the receiving end. “I will take the responsibility of the party on my shoulders till my last breath and even if everyone leaves the party, I will stay alone. Also why can’t Jana Sena form its government?,” questioned the Jana Sena boss.

Hereafter Pawan will focus on political strategies and they will surprise the mainstream political parties too.

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