Chennai Corporation asks residents to support recycling of waste

Fines will be levied for the dumping of construction debris outside of earmarked spots, as well as for dumping and burning of garbage

The Greater Chennai Corporation has intensified its campaign against littering and dumping of construction debris in the city. The civic body has asked residents to support the campaign to promote recycling of waste.

On Saturday, the Corporation shared information on Twitter about the fine amount to be collected for littering on the streets, to create awareness among residents. Corporation Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi has directed officers to penalise those who dump construction debris. Separate locations have been earmarked for dumping of construction debris. The debris will be processed by the Corporation at Perungudi and Kodungaiyur.

The civic body will collect a fine of ₹500 from those who throw garbage in public and private places. Civic officials will collect a fine of ₹100 from households, ₹1,000 from apartment complexes and ₹5,000 from bulk waste generators for failure to segregate garbage.

The fine amount for dumping construction debris in public places is ₹2,000 for a quantity of less than one tonne and ₹5,000 for more than one tonne. The fine amount for dumping waste in waterways and drains is ₹500. The fine amount for dumping waste from garden is ₹200.

Residents who burn garbage in private land will pay a fine of ₹500. Those who burn garbage in public spaces will pay a fine of ₹1,000.

The total waste generated in Chennai every day is 5,100 tonnes. The civic body is planning to focus on recycling to reduce the garbage reaching dump sites.

A tweet on Saturday by the Greater Chennai Corporation read: “Hey Chennai. The waste you’re disposing can be recycled. Help us maintain the city clean! #NammaChennaiSingaraChennai #ThooimaiChennai.

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