Church mouthpiece attacks BJP

Sathya Deepam, the official mouthpiece of the Syro-Malabar Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly, has come out with a scathing attack on the BJP with the question whether the BJP leadership in the State was leading a “yathra” ahead of the Assembly elections to celebrate the unprecedented rise in fuel prices.

“Is the yathra a celebration by the BJP State president to mark the fuel price crossing ₹100”, asked the editorial of the Malayalam publication.

The price of cooking gas had gone up by ₹225 over three months. There was also a move to cut the number of people getting subsidised rations. This would be a big setback to Kerala and was “another reason for celebrations”, the editorial said.

The publication also called for justice for Christians in Kanthamal in Orissa, protection of all minority communities and distribution of minority community benefits on the basis of population. It also said that Fr. Stan Swami, a Jesuit priest, still continued to languish in jail.

The editorial also highlighted the ongoing protest to secure justice for the victims in the Walayar case.

While appeasement tactics had been adopted by both the leading political fronts in the State, the BJP and the NDA had become the laughing stock by claiming that it would treat all equally.

The editorial also said that all political combinations were approaching various communities and trying to garner votes by promising support on key issues confronting the communities.

The leadership of the Catholic Church has not expressed support to any political party the editorial added, as it bemoaned that the new type of politics based on caste and community equations did not reflect democracy of plurality.

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