Coimbatore district sees further decline in positivity rate

As per current estimation, the case load is expected to decline further

Coimbatore district has registered a further decline in the positivity rate of COVID-19. Health Department officials said on Sunday that the district’s positivity rate stood at 7.5 % as against 9 % – 9.5 % a week ago.

However, according to the Health Department, people should exercise caution and continue to follow safety guidelines in public places, public transportation facilities and workplaces among others.

The daily case load has also decreased in the district which was less than 400 for the third consecutive day on Sunday, they pointed out. As per their current estimation, the case load is expected to decline further.

“People should strictly follow the standard safety guidelines such as wearing mask and maintaining physical distancing in public places. Though COVID-19 case load in Tamil Nadu has seen a decline, the numbers remain high in neighbouring States such as Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. With inter-State travel restrictions relaxed, people should continue to exercise caution. People aged above 60 and those with co-morbidities should be more careful,” said a senior Health official to The Hindu.

The official added that early testing, upon sensing the symptoms of the COVID-19, was very important for early detection of the disease. This would help early initiation of Government protocol-based treatment.

The Health Department, district administration and the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation are also concerned about further possible spread of the disease through public transportation facilities and from busy places such as markets and bus stands. Officials said that the civic body has set up swab sample collection centres at selected bus stands considering this risk factor.

Urban areas of the Coimbatore district continue to dominate the daily case load. As per the estimation by the Health Department, 70 % of the new cases were from urban areas of the district that fall within the limits of Coimbatore Corporation.

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