Congress responsible for SC judgment: BJP

‘Congress treated dalits as vote banks’

The Bharatiya Janata Party has charged that the Congress should be held responsible for the Supreme Court quashing the reservations for SC/ST in promotions as the “judgment was based on the arguments put forth by then Uttarakhand Congress government in 2012.”

Presenting the case before the media on Thursday, party president K. Laxman and others claimed that the Congress government had decided to fill up government posts without providing reservation to SC/STs and this was challenged by dalit associations in the High Court.

The Uttarakhand High Court then directed the State government to provide quota to SC/ST but the Congress government took up the issue to Supreme Court and got the High Court order “reversed”. The apex court had ruled that there was no fundamental right to claim reservation in promotions, he claimed.

Hence, it is not fair to blame the Modi government, argued Mr. Laxman, finding fault with the Congress leadership to hold protest meeting at Dharna Chowk against the judgment.

“The Congress governments had always treated dalits as vote banks, kept them poor and did little for their empowerment without filling up notified vacancies,” he alleged.

The BJP leader alleged that the Congress and others in the Opposition parties are hatching another ‘conspiracy’ after they had failed to get support from people on the issue of CAA, NRC and NPR “to mislead people after levelling baseless allegations on Modi government.”

The Congress never appreciated the contributions of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar or even other leaders like Dr. Jagjivan Ram while paying obeisance to the Gandhi family alone. The Opposition leaders just want to wash away their hands from the quota issue by levelling allegations against the Modi government, holding it responsible for the apex court judgment for the mistakes committed by the Congress, he added.

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