Congress sees brighter side of its loss in MLC polls

Party candidate got 242 votes despite party strength of 96

After the humiliating performance in the Huzurabad bypoll Congress has something to cheer about in the Local Body Constituencies MLC elections despite losing with huge margins in the two districts where it contested.

It has not only retained its votes but was able to garner more than its strength, which is quite an achievement in the given circumstances where the ruling party has been brutal on the Opposition ensuring their strength reduced constantly through various methods.

In Khammam district, CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka made a huge difference with his commitment securing 242 votes for the Congress candidate though its strength was just 96. Mr. Vikaramarka said the polling reflected the unrest among the people’s representatives who voted in favour of the Congress despite the TRS camp politics.

Mr. Vikramarka argued that unrest among the elected representatives is a reflection of growing dissatisfaction on the TRS government as these representatives are closely attached to the general public. “People want change and they want this undemocratic government to go,” he said.

The voters in these elections are Municipal councillors, MPTCs and ZPTCs. Though they were not official candidates of the political parties in the elections but were affiliated to political parties. Right from filing nominations to campaigning the party colours around their necks were evident of their political identity.

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