Coronavirus | U.K. flying in ‘vital medical equipment’

The consignment consists of ventilators and oxygen concentrator devices

The United Kingdom is sending 600 pieces of “vital medical equipment” to help India fight the COVID-19 second wave.

The British High Commission said in a release that the consignment, which would reach on Tuesday, consisted of “ventilators and oxygen concentrator devices.” The move comes weeks after the second wave of the pandemic hit India.

Officials in the know informed that India has identified a number of items in key countries such as the U.K., Russia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore among others and is in the process of securing them through bilateral efforts. Indian attempts are aimed at “augmenting the medical oxygen capacity at home” which will provide critical support to the health sector as it counters growing number of cases that require oxygen support for critical patients. India has also identified items in the European Union that will help in securing medical oxygen for virus-affected individuals.

Despite the rising cases, India has not sent out an international appeal for help and has been largely sourcing devices to augment oxygen generation for patients who require it urgently.

In response to the current crisis in India, the U.K.’s Department of Health and Social Care, working with manufacturers in the U.K., has provided the life-saving equipment that are being sent to India. “Following discussions with the Government of India, the first shipment of equipment will leave the U.K. today, arriving in New Delhi in the early hours of Tuesday,” said the British High Commission in the press release on Sunday.

The consignment is expected to include nine airline container loads of supplies, including 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive ventilators and two manual ventilators. More such shipments are expected to follow later in the week from the U.K.

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