Councillors say lack of cleanliness worries them

At the first house meeting of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation held after the new mayor, Sunita Kangra, took over, councillors raised various issues over cleanliness in South Delhi, on Tuesday. The SDMC had dropped by 106 points in the country-wide swachhata rankings this year compared to 2018.

Issues raised by the councillors, include delay in payment to sanitation workers and demand for rationalisation of workers across wards based on population. They also raised the issue of workers marking their attendance and not turning up for work.

A few representatives, including the ruling BJP councillors, said that they wish they hadn’t been elected to the corporation, as they have no answers to give to people who complains to them, given the corporation’s sorry state of affairs.

A few councillors also urged officials to undertake cleaning of drains prior to the start of the monsoon season, saying that the blame game between the municipal corporations and the Delhi government would soon start unless the drains are maintained.

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