Cow subsidy project launched

Panchayat project for COVID-hit families in Kollam

The Domestic Animal Museum, which is being set up at the Kuriyottumala government high-tech dairy by the Kollam district panchayat, is a commendable initiative, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development J.Chinchu Rani said here on Tuesday.

She was inaugurating the district panchayat’s Kamadhenu Santhvana Sparsham project which provides cows and calves with full subsidy to families who have lost their livelihood due to COVID-19.

“There are endless possibilities for farm tourism in the district,” added the Minister offering complete support of the government to the museum project.

In the first phase of the Kamadhenu project, 32 beneficiaries were provided cows and calves.

“Breeding of cows is crucial in achieving self-sufficiency in milk production. Genetically modified breeds from other States should be brought here and this will help in increasing milk production. Through this, a new model can be created in the dairy sector,” she said.

District panchayat president Sam K. Daniel presided over the function.

“All those who are eligible will benefit from the project in a phased manner,” he said adding that the panchayat aims to complete the first phase of the farm tourism project by March 2022.

District panchayat Pathanapuram division member Sunitha Rajesh presented the project.

Vice president Sumalal, standing committee chairpersons P.K Gopan, Vasantha Ramesh and Anil. S. Kallelibhagam, district panchayat members R. Reshmi, Shyamala Amma, S Soman and Sreeja Harish were also present.

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