Doctors see more stroke cases being reported during pandemic

Two high-risk patients were treated at Apollo Hospitals

More stroke cases were reported during the pandemic, with a significant number of them in the younger age group, doctors at the Apollo Speciality Hospitals in OMR said on Wednesday.

Addressing a virtual press conference, the doctors highlighted how two high-risk stroke patients, aged 34 and 24, were treated at the hospital recently.

While the two cases were not related to COVID-19, S. Karthikeyan, interventional neurologist at the hospital, said doctors were seeing more instances of stroke, in which clots were formed in arteries due to COVID-19.

Of the two cases, Dr. Karthikeyan said the 24-year-old woman, who suddenly fell unconscious and was brought to the hospital immediately, underwent a mechanical thrombectomy for removal of blood clots.

The lady had a bilateral vertebral artery dissection, in which the blood supply to the brain through two arteries on the backside of the neck got completely blocked. “It is a rare case. To our knowledge, this is the first case of mechanical thrombectomy being done for such a case. Globally, only very few patients have survived such strokes,” he said.

‘Challenging procedure’

The other patient was a 34-year-old man, facing intermittent weakness on his left leg and arm. He was diagnosed with transient ischemic attacks. Roopesh Kumar, senior neurosurgeon at the hospital, said it was subsequently found that the right side of his brain was not getting enough blood supply and an artery taking blood to the brain had blocks at the point where it entered the skull.

“It was a rare case where medications would not help. Hence, we had to do a brain bypass (or cerebral bypass) surgery,” he said.

Though the procedure was theoretically similar to coronary bypass, Dr. Kumar said it was, however, quite challenging, and required extreme precision due to the thin nature of the blood vessels and the inherent weakness of the wall in the brain.

The doctors highlighted the need for stroke patients to be taken to the hospital, at the earliest, to increase their chances of survival and recovery.

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