Domestic workers asked to register with welfare board

Department of Labour has asked domestic helps to register themselves with Domestic Workers’ Welfare Board through the website of Tamil Nadu Unorganised Workers’ Welfare Board.

In a statement, Assistant Director (Social Security Scheme), Hema, has said that the workers can login on to the website and register themselves under the Domestic Workers’ Welfare Board.

Workers who have already registered themselves can use the same website for renewal.

The workers should upload their age proof, family card (smart card), Aadhar, community certificate, mobile phone and savings bank account. Eligible workers would be registered within 30 days of uploading their details and the message would be delivered to them through short messaging service.

The statement added that the workers can then download their identity card of the welfare board from the website.

The statement said that members of 17 welfare boards would get various assistance for education, marriage, maternity, spectacles, death benefits and pension meant for unorganised sector workers.

Domestic workers can avail themselves of these benefits upon registering their names with the website.

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