‘Don’t give tickets to those with criminal records’

Political parties have a moral responsibility to ensure keep persons with criminal antecedents away from GHMC polls, says Forum for Good Governance

Forum for Good Governance (FGG) has appealed to the political parties to ensure tickets are not given to candidates with criminal records as it happened during the last GHMC elections where up to 72 contesting candidates had cases against them.

“Thirty of the 72 candidates had won last time and the ruling TRS has 13 corporators with criminal records against their names. This is followed by Majlis Party with 13 corporators having criminal cases and a lone BJP corporator is having such a record. If tickets are given to people with criminal antecedents it will keep away many educated voters from exercising their franchise leading to low poll percentage,” observed secretary M. Padmanabha Reddy.

In a press release, Mr. Reddy said the political parties have a moral responsibility to ensure tickets are given to those without any criminal cases against their name.

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