Dr Rajasekhar and his family test positive for Coronavirus

Dr Rajasekhar confirmed on social media that he and his family have tested positive for  Coronavirus. According to the latest update, Dr Rajasekhar, wife Jeevitha and daughters- Shivathmika Rajasekhar and Shivani Rajasekhar have tested positive for the  Coronavirus.  Garuda Vega star Dr Rajasekhar and his wife have been admitted at a private hospital in Hyderabad for treatment.

Dr Rajasekhar said  that Jeevitha, Kids and he have tested positive for Covid-19 and  they are currently being treated in the hospital. Both the kids- Shivathmika Rajasekhar and Shivani Rajasekhar are completely out of it.

Dr Rajasekhar was supposed to start  the shoot of upcoming film. but as last week he and his family developed some symptoms of the disease, they went in for tests.  Now they are taking treatment in a private hospital.

He will be seen playing the lead role in an upcoming film which is titled Arjuna  in which he will play the lead role. The film’s release was pushed due to the pandemic.  It is directed by Kanmani. Shivathmika Rajasekhar, who made her debut in Dorasaani starring Anand Deverakonda will be seen in Vidhi Vilasam with Arun Adith. Shivani, is currently working under the direction of Mallik Ram,  which has Teja Sajja in the lead role.

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