‘E-Office’ software introduced at Tirunelveli Collectorate for speedy disposal of files

The virtual handling of files also ensures safety of the officers concerned during the pandemic, Tirunelveli Collector V. Vishnu said

To ensure expeditious and timely clearance of files in government departments in the Collectorate, Collector V. Vishnu has introduced the National Informatics Centre’s new software, ‘E-Office’, a system that fixes responsibility for everyone concerned in clearing a file before its deadline.

The virtual handling of files also ensures safety of the officers concerned during the pandemic.

“In the first phase, ‘E-Office’ will be in use in the Departments of Accounts, Law and Order, Chief Minister’s Public Relief, Explosives License and Disaster Management. Based on the outcome of this pilot project, the software will be introduced in all other government departments which will ensure speedy and timely disposal of files for the benefit of the public,” said Mr. Vishnu, who worked as a risk analyst in the United States a decade ago.

After complaints from the public started flooding the Collector about their unresolved long-pending grievances, disposal of applications etc., Mr. Vishnu consulted with the NIC officials here which resulted in the launch of ‘E-Office’.

“Since COVID-19 is spreading in menacing proportions every day, it will ensure the safety of our personnel, who need not handle the files physically, thanks to ‘E-Office’. So, besides ensuring timely and speedy disposal of files from one department to another associated department, it will also ensure our personnel’s safety, which is paramount,” Mr. Vishnu said.

The NIC officials, the developers of the software, are now training the personnel associated with these departments where it has been introduced.

The Collector hopes that this software would also enable personnel to access the files from their homes itself for disposal, similar to the ‘work from home’ conditions being followed largely in the pandemic situation.

“Even during a situation like the complete lockdown that we encountered during last year, our officials can access the files from their homes and clear them to ensure unhindered and timely service to people,” says Mr. Vishnu who has planned to introduce ‘E-Office’ in the offices of the Revenue Divisional Officers and the tahsildars in the next phase.

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