Elderly woman rescued from well

An elderly woman, R. Pounthai, who slipped and fell into a 40-foot-deep well near Tirumangalam, had a providential escape after firefighters rescued her with the help of local youth on Thursday.

The 60-year-old woman, who is said to have been mentally disturbed, had walked away from her house after lunch. After sometime, when family members went in search of her, they found her inside a community well that had about five feet of water.

A local youth climbed down into the well with the help of a rope and held the elderly woman above water. On being alerted, firefighters from Tirumangalam led by Station Fire Officer J. Jayarani rushed to the spot and rescued the woman. She did not suffer any injury.

The well was dry for long and filled up following the recent rain, according to a firefighter.

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