Enact legislation for OBC reservations in All India Medical Quota this year, says Ramadoss

The PMK founder said there was no need for the Centre to seek the Supreme Court’s nod on this

PMK founder S. Ramadoss on Friday said that the Central government led by the BJP should not delay in providing reservations for Other Backward Castes in the national OBC quota for medical courses, and demanded that an appropriate legislation be enacted to ensure that reservations were implemented in the current year itself.

Dr. Ramadoss said that it was not justifiable to deny reservations for OBCs under the All India Medical Quota 35 years after it was instituted.

In a statement, he said while the Central government has said that they will provide OBC reservations in the All India Medical Quota, the condition laid out by the BJP government makes it look like it is a delaying tactic. “In a case pending in the Madras High Court regarding this issue, the Central government has responded saying that it was ready to provide OBC reservations in All India Quota, but the decision will be taken after the Supreme Court verdict in the Saloni Kumar case,” he said.

The Centre has no reason to wait for the Supreme Court judgement or provide a formal reply. “On July 27 last year, the Madras High Court provided clear guidelines stating that All India Quota OBC reservations can be provided based on Central reservations or reservation policies followed by the State,” he said.

“In a case filed by Anbumani Ramadoss on behalf of PMK along with other parties, the Madras High Court said that there was no reason to not implement OBC reservations in All India Medical Quota. It said that there is no rule that only the Supreme Court can pass a verdict on reservations. The Centre can decide by forming a committee and it can be implemented based on its recommendations,” he said.

Dr. Ramadoss pointed out that a five-member committee was formed and recommendations were filed on October 21 last year before the Union Health Secretary, which said that it is possible to provide OBC reservations under the All India Quota.

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