Exciting info about Adivi Sesh's new movie!

When you see Adivi Sesh.. it seems that this is not Tollywood material. The reason is height, color, accent, look… there are many. But why.. it also seems that he stayed here. But think he became known in Pan India with the movie ‘Major’. But now hearing the news about Sesh’s next movie… it seems that Sesh is taking a different step. Because the next movie is a remake of the Oscar-winning movie.

Adivi Sesh faced setbacks as an actor and director in the beginning of his career, but later he took careful steps. He earned a good name as a writer and a hero. He is making films with different ideas like ‘Kshanam’, ‘Gudhachari’, ‘Evaru’, and ‘Major’. After this, an interesting thing has come out about Sesh’s film. Sesh indirectly said that he is going to make a pan-India film under the banner of Annapurna Studios. But who is the director? No details like what the story is and how it could be.

But the movie ‘Gudhachari 2’ is also on the line. Apart from these, Sesh Sesh told about another interesting project. As part of the promotion of ‘Hit 2’, Sesh said that he will act in the Telugu remake of the Oscar-winning movie. He said that the same Hollywood production company that produced the original film is also producing this film in Telugu. He said that it was a Hollywood production company, and that is the story, but Shesh did not tell any of those details.

But it is certain that this movie will be made on a huge scale. Talking about the movie ‘Gudhachari 2’, the original story of the movie has been finalized… it has to be made into a script. He is currently working with the team. It still takes a lot of time to go on the film sets.

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