Fine tune lifting vehicles from No Parking zones, police told

Mangaluru South MLA D. Vedavyasa Kamath on Tuesday urged the police not to randomly tow away vehicles parked in No Parking zones. He suggested that personnel entrusted with towing such vehicles should make an announcement before lifting them, he told the police.

A communiqué from MLA’s office here said that Mr. Kamath gave this suggestion at a meeting with senior officials, including Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar and Deputy Commissioner (Law and Order) Hariram Shankar, regarding traffic management in the city.

The MLA said that residents were complaining about random lifting of vehicles even if they are parked for an emergency, including buying medicines from a chemist and the like. He said that vehicles should not be towed away without first asking owners to remove them from No Parking zones.

Towing of vehicles without intimation to owners frustrate vehicle users as they have to approach different police stations without any clue about the whereabouts of their vehicles, he said. As such, police should fine tune the towing system, the MLA added.

Fisheries Development Corporation Chairman Nitin Kumar, the former Mayor Divakar and others were present with the MLA.

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