Follow poll code, printing press owners told

As the State prepares for the Assembly elections, District Collector K. Megraj convened a meeting with owners of printing press here on Tuesday instructing them to follow the model code of conduct.

Mr. Megraj said that details of the press, owner, address must be printed on the campaign content. He advised that press units while printing political based posters, pamphlets must take declaration from the client with two witness signatures and its copy should be sent along with four copies of the printed campaign material within three days to District Election Officer. The Collector also instructed them that no defamatory content against a candidate or objectionable content based on caste, religion should be printed. He added stern action would be taken against such press units.

The Collector also inaugurated the media centre. He later met with officials who would be involved in poll duties and advised them to get vaccinated at their nearest centres.

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