GI tag sought for ‘Cumbum Panneer Thratchai’

The unique feature is that these grapes are harvested all through the year: official

A farmers’ association has applied for the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for the ‘Cumbum Panneer Thratchai’, a grape variant.

The application for this particular product was filed by the Kaamayam Thratchai Vivasayigal Sangam, Theni, registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act and was facilitated by Nabard’s Madurai Agribusiness Incubation Forum.

Chinnaraja G. Naidu, Deputy Registrar of Geographical Indications, confirmed that an application seeking GI tag for ‘Cumbum Panneer Thratchai’ has been filed.

“A unique factor is that in this Cumbum valley the ‘panneer’ grapes are available and harvested all through the year as against only during January and April in the rest of India. The grapes grown are suitable for making wine, spirit, jams, canned grape juice and raisins,” said P. Sanjai Gandhi, IPR attorney and nodal officer, Geographical Indication Registration of Products, government of Tamil Nadu. Since these grapes are produced in two seasons in a year, their yield and returns are exceptionally high, he said. According to details provided in the application, the ‘panneer’ variety grapes are cultivated in around 2,000 acres at 10 villages in the valley.

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