Gurugram employees up in arms for pay parity

They have been seeking redress for 2 yrs

Around 160 employees of an engineering firm here have been running from pillar to post for the past two years seeking pay parity and benefits at par with fellow regular workers, but to no avail.

The aggrieved employees, working as seniors inspectors, inspectors and assistant inspectors at Sunbeam Lightweighting Solutions Private Limited, have allegedly been denied pay and other benefits at par with the regular workers of the company.

Mukesh Sharma, president of Sunbeam Lighweighting Solutions Workers Unions, told The Hindu that the salaries and other benefits of the regular workers were increased twice over the past five years as per the agreements reached with the management in 2015 and 2018, but the same benefits and salary hike were denied to these 160-odd employees.

Same profile

“The job profile of these 160-odd employees is the same as other regular workers, but they are not being treated at par with them. It is sheer injustice to them. We have raised the matter with the management on several occasions, but to no avail. The management argues that the employees don’t fall in the category of the workers, but are the staff members,” said Mr. Sharma.

The workers’ unions also made a complaint to the Labour Department in this regard in 2019, and the Assistant Labour Commissioner, Circle-4, Gurugram in his report on October 9 last year said that these employees fell within the definition of the “workers” and were entitled to the benefits as per the agreements.

The unions’ advocate Monu Kuhar said that these employees were all set to move labour court seeking relief, but it was delayed since the judge retired and no new appointment was made.

The company’s human resource vice-president Gunjan Tiwari did not respond to repeated calls and messages to seek his response in this matter.

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