‘Health details of over one lakh persons collected’

The Corporation had said in a release that it had captured the health details of 1.13 lakh persons using the mobile application it had developed. The persons deployed for door-to-door survey were now armed with the ‘app’ to collect details if the residents had blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, respiratory problems, cancer or other diseases.

Of those whose details were captured so far, 42,459 had reported that they had diabetes, 34,090 blood pressure, 19,655 both diabetes and blood pressure, 5,289 heart ailments, 1,627 lung infection 298 cancer and 21,315 other diseases, the release said.

It further said that 41,738 persons had reported that they had taken COVID-19 vaccine and added that the civic body was taking steps to vaccinate those who had not taken vaccine.

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