‘Healthy food habits, exercise will help fight cancer’

HCG Centre-The Hindu organise cancer awareness camp for police personnel

Police Commissioner Kanthi Rana Tata has said that regular medical check-up, good food habits, yoga and physical exercises can cure cancer.

“The word ‘cancer’ creates panic. But advanced treatment is available for the disease and there is no need for worry. Police Department will be there for all its staff at all times,” he said and told the staff to take care of the health and their families.

He thanked HCG and The Hindu managements for organising an awareness camp for police at the AR Grounds here on Friday.

HCG Cancer Centre medical director Dr. M. Gopichand said about eight lakh patients were losing their lives due to cancer and about 12 lakh were getting affected by the disease every year.

Main causes

“Cancer is curable if detected at an early stage. People are requested to change their lifestyles, avoid outside food and go for health check-ups every year,” he said.

Consumption of alcohol, chewing and smoking of tobacco and unhealthy food habits were the main cause of the disease while the role of genetic factors was only 10%, he said.

Early detection

“Cancer can be detected five years in advance. Cervix and breast cancers are common in females, which can be detected at an early stage. External radiation treatment is vital, which doesn’t have any side effects. Medical Oncology and Chemotherapy are the other types of treatments,” said hematologist P. Amarnath.

“CBC test can detect blood cancer. It is advisable for people who crossed age 40 to undergo the test or consult a doctor for early detection of cancer. CML and CLL are the two types of blood cancers,” he said.

The HCG Centre conducted a screening camp and medical tests for the police personnel. The doctors answered the queries raised by the police on cancer and its treatment.

The Police Commissioner presented mementos to Dr. Sridhar, Dr. Gopichand, Dr. Amarnath and other police personnel.

DCPs V. Harshavardhan, D. Mary Prasanthi, A.B.T.S. Udaya Rani, ACP L. Chenchi Reddy and other police officers participated.

Many of them, including ACPs, CIs, SIs and other staff underwent tests at the camp.

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