History buffs discover two figures from Jain pantheon

They found it near Kondapochamma temple in Siddipet district

A rising awareness about Telangana’s history is leading to discoveries that are shining new light on the region’s past. On Tuesday, a bunch of history buffs climbed a small hillock on the edge of Nagapur village near Kondapochamma temple in Siddipet district and discovered two figures from Jain pantheon.

“Earlier, we had found an image of Paraswanatha in a different village. So, when were tipped off about similar images by villagers, we reached there,” said Ahobilam Karunakar, a businessman and history enthusiast.

“One sculpture belongs to the 24th Tirthankara Vardhamana Mahavira and the other is of a Jain Chaumukh representing the four Jain Tirthankaras — Adinatha, Neminatha, Paraswanatha and Mahavira — carved on white granite stone,” said archaeologist E. Sivanagireddy about the find.

“The Mahavira sculpture is 4.5 feet in height in dhyana mudra while the Chaumukh which measures 1.5 feet at the base and 2.5 feet in height. Both sculptures are broken but dateable to 10th century AD,” informed Sivanagireddy. He dated the sculptures to the 10th century based on style prevalent during the reign of Kalyana Chalukyas.

The Kalyana Chalukyas ruled between 10th and 12 century from what is now called Basavakalyan. The empire spread over the region which comprises Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana. The period saw a gradual decline of Jainism in the region.

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