Immediate assistance sought for those deprived of livelihood

“As the State is facing a second lockdown, although projected as partial, it has thrown light on the sheer apathy of the government towards the plight of the commoners and the working class who are again getting deprived of their livelihood,” Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) has said.

In a statement issued here, SUCI(C) district secretary Ramanjanappa Aldalli has said that the State government is more concerned about the interests of the capitalists, while it has turned a blind eye towards commoners and the working class whose livelihood is being snatched away through the lockdown.

Mr. Aldalli has said that the Union and State governments are solely responsible for the forced second lockdown as they had failed to take precautionary measures despite being warned about the second wave of the pandemic. “While the State government is engrossed in internal bickering and sleaze CD row, the Union government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is engrossed in snobbery of having won against the pandemic , elections and Kumbh Mela. Due to the negligence of both these governments, we find ourselves in the same pathetic situation as in the last year,” he said.

Mr. Ramanjanappa said that instead of mitigating the sufferings of the common people, the State government has reduced the quantity of foodgrains being supplied under the Public Distribution System, while, on the other hand, it has increased the tax burden on citizens.


Mr. Ramanjanappa has urged the State government to immediately strengthen health infrastructure and make alternative arrangements to provide timely treatment to COVID-19 patients and also fill all vacant posts and recruit additional health staff.

The State government should immediately provide financial assistance to street vendors, autorickshaw and taxi drivers, garment workers, house maids, workers, small businessmen and also those who earn on a daily basis. They should be given a monthly assistance of ₹7,500 till the situation improved, he said.

This apart, the government should distribute 10 kg of rice, edible oil, pulses, sugar and other essential items to the poor, he urged in the statement.

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