Indian Gaur rescued from well

An Indian Gaur that fell into a farm well near Natham was rescued on Wednesday.

The animal had strayed from Perumalai reserved forest in Natham and entered the coconut grove of K. Mangan near Perumal Temple.

The animal fell into a 40- foot-deep well which had water up to 5 feet on Tuesday.

Upon being alerted by the local people, forest officials, led by Alagarkovil Forest Range Officer S. Jeyaseelan and Station Fire Officer B. Tirukolnathar, attempted to rescue the animal with the help of a crane.

However, the officials had to wait for a team of veterinary doctors from Hosur and Theni for tranquillising it.

After veterinary doctors, Kalaivanan and Prakash, tranquillised the animal, the officials struggled for more than three hours to safely pull the Indian Gaur from the well.

The officials had to wait till the animal regained consciousness before it could be let into the forest area.

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