Initial probe faults Rayagada passenger train crew for Andhra accident

A preliminary railway probe into the Sunday night accident in Andhra Pradesh has held the driver and the assistant driver of Rayagada Passenger train responsible for the collision as it passed two defective auto signals violating norms. Both crew members were killed in the accident.

Signed by seven experts, the preliminary report said they carefully examined the accident site, available evidence, statements of officials concerned, data logger report and the speedometer chart.

It concluded that the Rayagada passenger train (08504) hit the Visakhapatnam Palasa passenger train (08532) from the rear due to the crew of the former passing two defective auto signals.

“Hence, LP (loco pilot), S M S Rao, ALP (Assistant Loco Pilot) of Train no 08504 (Rayagada Passenger train) held responsible,” the report, accessed by PTI, said.

According to the railway norm, the train should have stopped for two minutes at the defective auto signals and then started at 10 kmph which it didn’t do, leading to the collision, the report said.

The Rayagada Passenger train hit the Visakhapatnam Palasa Ttrain from behind at 7 pm on October 29 on the Howrah-Chennai line in Kantakapalli in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, killing 14 and injuring over 50 train passengers.

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