ISI Exposed Imran Khan: Audio of Ex PM Imran Khan having s…x with women leaked

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has landed in another controversy after an audio clip, involving him engaged in phone s…x with a woman. Once again Imran Khan has exposed by ISI by leaked audio clip of talking to a woman in lewd language.

Pakistan ex prime minister is talking to a woman and expressing his sexual desires. ISI is an expert in eyeing their political rivals. An audio leak of Imran Khan’s chat with women is exposed by ISI. Audio leak exposed the levels of penetration and  surveillance ISI have on its political rivals. Pak’s politics has seen a new low in its history.

The said  audio clips were first posted on the YouTube channel of a Pakistani journalist named Syed Ali Haider.

A woman was heard saying: I cannot come to meet you. My b….bs are so sore that I am in pain. I cannot even tell the doctor what you did to me. Naughty. Imran Khan allegedly pestered her to meet him again.

Imran Khan was heard directing another woman to ‘touch herself’ and inquiring about the wetness of her v…gina.

The audio clips are being widely shared on other social media platforms.  A journalist wrote: “In the alleged s….x call leak, ex pm Imran Khan has become Emraan Hashmi.”

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