Jagan Saving Rs 40 On Each Water Bottle

Ever since YS Jagan took the office as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, there are a lot of memes being circulated in social media, highlighting his ways of delivering good governance. Especially his ways of saving money for the public exchequer is getting all the attention.

During his official meetings, the former TDP government under Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership used to serve water bottles that cost Rs 60 each. And now, the Chief Minister himself is drinking a Rs 20 / litre range water bottle. At all the official meets, Jagan is seen sipping water from Kinley’s 1-litre bottle that costs Rs 20 in the common market. We hear that government is fetching those bottles at extra discounts now for the Chief Minister.

That way, Jagan is saving a lot of public money and his fans can’t stop themselves from throwing a satire on Chandrababu by sharing pictures of Naidu and Jagan, along with their water bottles.

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