Jayarajan warns against uprooting SilverLine survey stones

High-speed rail was a major project in UDF manifesto, says CPI(M) Kannur district secretary

CPI(M) Kannur district secretary M.V. Jayarajan has warned against removing the survey stones laid for the SilverLine project.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Jayarajan issued a veiled threat that those who remove the stones should be careful about their safety.

He accused KPCC president K. Sudhakaran of instigating people against the SilverLine project and encouraging miscreants to remove survey stones at Madayipara recently.

Mr. Jayarajan said that K-Rail project was one of the major projects of the UDF manifesto of 2011 and Emerging Kerala of 2012. Ramesh Chennithala was the KPCC president and Oommen Chandy the Chief Minister then. Both of them were now silent on the K-Rail project, which was envisaged in their time.

The evidence for the fact that the UDF had conceived the high-speed rail project had come out. So, it was not easy to get their own cadres to remove the stones. Hence, the KPCC president had deployed goons to dig up the stones, he said.

He said that the people who were interested in development were not against the SilverLine project.

Mr. Jayarajan said that the Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Delhi-Varanasi high-speed rail projects had already been approved and some had been completed.

The people had realised the double standard of the BJP, which was favouring development work in the States ruled by it but stood against such projects in Kerala.

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