Kerala to counsel students ahead of school reopening

First phase of Athijeevanam is for students of Class 10 and 12

The Samagra Shiksha, Kerala, will roll out a counselling programme for students set to return to offline classes after months of online education.

The programme titled ‘Athijeevanam’ will equip students mentally to return to the school environment against the backdrop of the pandemic and resume academic activities.

In the first phase, counselling will be provided to primary students and students of Classes 10 and 12 who will go back to school on November 1.

Training first

Psycho-social school counsellors, counselling experts, Souhruda club coordinators, and volunteer teachers will first be trained to implement the programme for children. Children will be counselled in online and offline modes.

A detailed academic module to be used for the training has been prepared. A training module specifically targets children in the tribal belts, coastal areas, hilly regions, those marginalised, and those who had lost their parents to COVID-19.

Counselling will also be provided to children through Samagra Shiksha’s regional resource centres and study centres in settlements. A pamphlet containing guidelines on precautions to be adopted by students in schools has also been prepared.

By Dec. 31

The aim is to complete the counselling programme in public schools by December 31, Samagra Shiksha, Kerala, Project Director A.P. Kuttykrishnan said.

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