KTR dares BJP to reveal jobs it created

Industries Minister K.T. Rama Rao dared the BJP to publish a white paper on the jobs that it created or employment notifications issued either in Central government or States where it was in power.

Did the BJP give jobs more than Telangana in any of the States ruled by it, he asked in an open letter to party State president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on the eve of his proposed hunger strike here on Monday to highlight the failure of TRS government on employment front.

He reminded Mr. Sanjay Kumar that Telangana was among the States that had least unemployment and paved way for reverse migration of people with employment opportunities.

The State government gave over 1.33 lakh jobs against its promise of only one lakh jobs and generated another 16n lakh jobs moreby ensuring investment to the tune of ₹2.20 lakh crore. The government had an umbilical chord with unemployed youth of the State.

Mr. Rao asked BJP to spell out its achievement in the promise to provide two crore jobs a year across the country. How many jobs did youth in Telangana get from them? The unemployment rate was the highest in the country in the last 40 years due to the failures of BJP-led government at the Centre. The Centre had not even given a rupee after announcing a stimulus package of ₹20 lakh crore to tide over financial constraints on account of COVID.

Mr. Sanjay should use his hunger strike site to apologise to people at not being able to confront the Centre over its failure to fill 15 lakh jobs under its purview, he said.

He reminded the BJP leader that no country or government could give jobs to lakhs of youth who passed out of universities with degrees. But, it was no reason for Telangana government to shirk its responsibility like the manner in which Centre did. Mr. Sanjay wanted to go on fast unable to stomach the successes of the State government. He was trying to provoke youth, divert them from education and attempts to explore jobs and play havoc with their lives.

The BJP leaders closed their eyes to lathicharge by police on unemployed youth during receipt of applications for jobs in States ruled by the party like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka. Would the party answer how many jobs were created and how many lost due to demonetisation and introduction of GST?

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