Laws needed for protection of women in cyberspace: activist

A group of women activists in Kozhikode under the aegis of the collective ‘Laingikathikramangalkethire’ (Against sexual violence) openly congratulated activists Bhagyalakshmi, Sreelakshmi Arakkal, and Diya Sana for “upholding the dignity of every woman in the country.”

The trio had reportedly beaten up Youtuber Vijay Nair on Saturday, after the latter’s video “demeaning several feminists of the country” went viral a few days ago.

Opening a protest meeting here on Sunday, activist Kanakadurga K. said it was impossible for women these days to sit idle and let the law handle their offenders. “Though they [activists] took the law into their hands, their action deserves applause and is exemplary,” she added.

Activist and lawyer Swapna Parameshwarath called for strong laws to protect women in cyberspace. Another activist Kunhila Masilamani criticised the police for their alleged bias towards both the parties in the case and termed it a societal farce. “The same police that refused to take any action for days against Mr. Nair had no qualms about acting against the women who beat him up within hours. Their claim that the women had sabotaged law and order is just a reflection of their intolerance towards women who questioned patriarchy,” she said.

She stressed the need for a massive campaign to establish the rights of women in cyberspace, on the lines of the long struggle to establish their rights at the workplace.

Activist Bindu Ammini, one of the women who has been the subject of Mr. Nair’s offence, said she had complained against him on September 25 directly to the Director General of Police, but the police refused to file an FIR or even register a case.

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