Lyricist C Ramachandra Menon writes a music series

Ramachandra Menon says ‘Naadhabindukkal’ will be a continuing series

Malayalam poet and lyricist C Ramachandra Menon has been busy writing for his music series” ‘Naadhabindukkal’. He has already written 13 songs in the series, which have been set to music by producer and composer Gladvin A Devas. “The writing will continue; more songs will be added to the series as I complete them,” he says.

‘Naadhabindukkal’ is an attempt to bring music and poetry together, says Ramachandra. The songs, rendered by established singers and newer singers too, range across musical genres — ghazals, love songs, devotional songs to light music. The orchestra for all the songs has been arranged by Shin Peter.

Three songs ‘Paadi paadi’ (in Tamil) sung by Afzal, ‘Paribhava Pazhmozhi’, sung by Shifin Abraham and ‘Aaro, Aaro’ sung by Alka Askar, are available on YouTube. ‘Paadi Paadi’ (in Malayalam), also sung by Afzal, has just released on YouTube. Another song, ‘Ooyaladi Kaattinoppam’, will be released on YouTube soon. The Tamil version of ‘Paadi Paadi’, was inspired by Ramachandra’s song about musical geniuses. Translated by Tamil lyricist Maran S, the song is a tribute to legendary singer S P Balasubrahmanyam.

Poet C Ramachandra Menon 

“With various forms of entertainment available today, music does not enjoy the same status it did until a few years ago. Putting together a music album not just celebrates music, but also gives musicians an added platform to showcase their talents,” says Ramachandra.

Ramachandra, who is a published author as well, has translated into Malayalam, Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography My Story, My Autobiography, My Experiments With Truth. He has written books for children and is the author of several short story and poetry collections. Having written close to 2,000 lyrical poems, Ramachandra finds social media an ideal platform to showcase his talent. He posts his works on FaceBook.

The Thrissur-based poet has written light songs, many of which were broadcast by the All India Radio. He has written songs for films and musical albums too.

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