Maharashtra: ‘Prepared to deal with Covid-19 surge,’ says minister as temples set to reopen

After the Maharashtra government’s announcement to re-open places of worship from November 16, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Nawab Malik on Sunday said that the state government is cautious about the surge in Covid-19 cases due to reopening, but it is ready to deal with it.

“After eight months, the places of worship are going to reopen in Maharashtra, but we have also issued guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitisation. Hopefully, people will follow them. Maharashtra always has more cases but the government has controlled it with Maja kutumb, Maji zimmedari (My family, My Responsibility) campaign. Now if people don’t follow the instruction, the cases may increase again, but we have improved our health infrastructure and are prepared to deal with it,” he said.

Religious places in Maharashtra will reopen on November 16 as per the instructions issued by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

Taking about Karnataka government’s approval to establish Maratha Development Authority with Rs 50 crore fund, Malik said the reason behind the dispute with Karnataka is that Marathi speakers in the neighbouring state want to be part of Maharashtra.

“Border dispute is an issue with Karnataka. Marathi speakers want to be part of Maharashtra. A Rs 50 crore fund is no redressal. The two governments should sit and talk,” he added.

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