Malappuram municipality launches vaccine drive for bed-ridden persons

Vaccine cover for all physically challenged; bed-ridden patients to be vaccinated in a week

Malappuram municipality has launched a drive to reach out to all bed-ridden persons with COVID-19 vaccines. The municipality has vaccinated all physically challenged persons in a special drive.

The municipal officials and health workers, including doctors, will reach the homes of the bed-ridden patients and offer vaccines within a week. “We have already covered all physically challenged persons in the municipality. Malappuram is the first civic body in the country to ensure vaccination for all physically challenged persons,” said Malappuram municipal chairman Mujeeb Kaderi.

The municipality has identified 210 bed-ridden patients within its limits. Two medical teams will visit them and vaccinate them in the coming days.

“Each team will be led by a doctor. It will not be easy, as they are bed-ridden patients. Each person has to be observed and the vaccine administered very carefully. Doctors will be watching them for any reactions,” said Mr. Kaderi.

When completed, Malappuram will be the first municipality in the State to ensure vaccine cover for the bed-ridden and the physically challenged persons. “This will be a kind of record,” said the municipal chairman while inaugurating the new drive at Padinjharemukku, Melmuri, near here, on Thursday.

Standing committee chairpersons P.K. Abdul Hakeem, Siddik Noorengal and C.P. Ayishabi, Government Taluk Hospital Superintendent Aligarh Babu, councillors K.V. Sasi, Sajeer Kalappadan, Shihab Modayangadan, Binu Ravikumar, municipal superintendent Rajan Puthur, medical officer Muhsina, health workers C.T. Noufal, Sherin Jafer, Binduja and Faseela attended the inaugural function.

Mr. Kaderi said several health and civic officials from other parts of the State had reached Malappuram studying and appreciating the municipality’s work during the second wave of the pandemic.

The municipality converted the large municipal hall into a COVID-19 hospital by tying up with a cooperative hospital adjacent to the hall. The municipality offered a helping hand to farmers in Malappuram by harvesting and finding suitable markets for their crops.

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