Minister Roja fires on Pawan Kalyan over Amalapuram Incident

Minister Roja fired on Pawan Kalyan’ remarks on the riots in  Amalapuram on the issue of renaming the Konaseema district.

Jana Sena Party President  Pawan Kalyan said the YSR Congress Party-led State government should repent for resorting to using the name of Dr BR Ambedar to create a controversy over renaming the Konaseema district.  Pawan Kalyan blamed the State government for violence in Amalapuram.

The actor and politician Pawan Kalyan alleged that the ruling Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party YSRCP is used to the characteristic where they orchestrate an event and then try to blame it on opposition parties. He added that  on 4th April when the state government had divided the districts and announced the new names, they should have named the district after Ambedkar on that particular date.  But they kept it for a later day. This indicates that they had a plan in their mind.

JSP Pawan Kalyan claimed  that there would be no progress in the state as long as the caste factor is prevalent. He also  claimed that the opposition YSRCP was involved in the Tuni incident and tried to blame it on the TDP government.

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister RK Roja fires on Pawan Kalyan and  questioned why the then-TDP administration neglected to prosecute the perpetrators in the Tuni tragedy. She also  alleged that Pawan Kalyan took the package from Telugu Desam Party- TDP  Chief Chandrababu Naidu and reading out his script.

 Roja also criticized Anyam Sai, Jana sena activist for committing suicide for Konaseema.

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