Nearly 50% of Newly Elected MPs Have Criminal Cases

Now that Lok Sabha elections are finished and Modi 2.0 is all set to form the government again, here is some interesting trivia about the winning members with criminal charges.

As per affidavits filed to EC, close to 50% of MPs in 17th Lok Sabha have criminal charges against them. Out of 539 newly elected representatives, 233 Lok Sabha members have cases on them under various sections, it is 44% higher than the 2009 Lok Sabha polls. Congress MP from Edukki, Kerala- Dean Kuriakose has 204 pending cases against him.

In 2014 elections, 185 MPs have cases on them and 162 public representatives informed they’d pending criminal cases against them in 2009. Among the newly elected members, 159 MPs (29%) are facing serious criminal charges like rape, murder, murder attempt, kidnapping and women harrassment. 112 Lok Sabha MPs were facing such serious charges in 2014 and 76 MPs had serious criminal charges in 2009.

Out of 303 winners from Bharatiya Janata Party, 116 Parliamentarians are facing criminal cases, 29 Congress MPs and 10 MPs of DMK also have submitted it their affidavits about the criminal charges they are facing.

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