Nikhil gives a helping hand to a COVID patient.

COVID second wave is the real threat now. Daily lakhs of positive cases are being registered and hundreds of people are dying. The second wave is on the rise in the Telugu States as well. There is a huge shortage of vaccines in the country and also the medicine to treat COVID virus.

Particularly, there have been numerous requests all over for Remdivisir which is the primary medication to treat COVID patients.

A netizen has approached Nikhil through Twitter and requested him to help with three vials of Remdivisir medicine. The young hero is quick to respond and arranged the Remdivisir.

“Will get it done…Sirivuri Rajesh Varma will contact you. With the Required doses of #Remdisivir .Wishing your father a Speedy recovery,” Nikhil tweeted. Nikhil’s act is being appreciated.

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