Officials told to stock adequate seeds, pesticides

Deputy Commissioner M. Kurma Rao has directed Agriculture Department officials to keep adequate seeds and pesticides in stock to ensure that there is no shortage during the monsoon season.

He was addressing a Natural Disaster Authority meeting in Yadgir on Monday. He suggested that the Agriculture Department officials store seeds and fertilizer to distribute them to farmers on demand.

He also said that seeds have to be stored in the Raita Samparka Kendras enabling farmers to collect them by providing certain documents required.

Technical Officer from the Agriculture Department Rajkumar said that the district is facing 60 % deficient rainfall.

However, farmers will commence sowing activities once the monsoon arrives.

He said that 10,780 tonnes of fertilizer have been stocked in Raita Samparka Kendras.

The Deputy Commissioner has directed the department concerned to take all precautions to tackle monsoon-related disaster effectively.

Mr. Kurma Rao also instructed the officials of the City Municipal Council and Town Municipal Council to take precautions to tackle monsoon-related disasters.

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