Plea for merging town panchayats and forming Perundurai municipality

With increase in population and as development works need to be effectively carried out in Perundurai region, the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) has urged the State government to merge Perundurai and Karumandichellipalayam town panchayats and form Perundurai municipality.

In an email sent to the Chief Minister, S. Chinnasamy, State secretary, AITUC, said that the geographical location of Perundurai makes it one of the most important towns in the State that is growing as an industrial hub with the presence of Sipcot and also the Government Erode Medical College and Hospital and the Government Polytechnic College.

Perundurai also serves as a headquarters for Perundurai taluk. While areas to the north side of Erode – Kunnathur Road comes under Karumandichellipalayam Town Panchayat with 25,000 population, areas located to the south side of the road comes under Perundurai Town Panchayat with 35,000 population. Also, inter-State and intra-State migrant workers are present in large numbers at Perundurai.

Mr. Chinnasamy said that offices of both the town panchayats function very nearby and people in both the town panchayats use the daily and weekly market, bus stand, schools, electric crematorium and religious establishments.

Since two administrations are in place, carrying out development works continue to be a major issue in all these years.

For example, underground sewerage system (UGSS) is being implemented by the Perundurai Town Panchayat in the areas located to the south side of the Erode – Kunnathur Road while no UGSS is implemented in area to the north side of the road that comes under Karumandichellipalayam Town Panchayat. Hence, it is necessary to merge the two panchayats and form a municipality for implementing development schemes effectively, the email said.

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