Pondy criminals spread tentacles to border areas

By virtue of sharing a porous border with the Union Territory of Puducherry, the areas in Cuddalore lying close to the inter-state border have been exposed to the activities of criminals in Puducherry, which have now been spilling out in the district.

For long, history-sheeters and notorious rowdies wanted and externed by the Puducherry police for their involvement in various crimes have given the Puducherry police the slip and escape to the areas close to the inter-state border triggering tension.

The recent clash between two gangs hailing from Puducherry at K.R. Chavadi near Malataaru in Reddichavadi on June 29 has again brought to the fore the tentacles of criminals that have spread out to the border areas in Cuddalore district.

The clash was the result of a festering fallout between ‘Thaadi’ Ayyanar, a notorious rowdy in Puducherry and Deva, a key member of Ayyanar’s group who later formed his own gang.

The gang led by Deva orchestrated an attack on Ayyanar using country-made bombs. The two groups clashed with each other at K.R. Chavadi resulting in injuries to members from both sides.

The Cuddalore district police immediately swung into action and detained nine persons from both the gangs for the clash. Two others including Deva have been hospitalized.

According to police sources, this crossing of borders to escape the law enforcement authorities in Puducherry was not a one-off instance.

In 2020, the district police arrested Jack alias Jagan, a notorious rowdy, and his associate Madan, both hailing from Puducherry under the Goondas Act.

Jagan who was lodged in the Kalapet Central Prison in Puducherry had made an extortion call to a businessman in Cuddalore demanding ₹50,000.

Several notorious gangs operating in Puducherry execute crimes and cross to the border.

Their modus operandi is to commit crimes in the border areas and slip into the neighbouring district. Most of them operate on motorbikes and easily slip into the district.

A senior police official said that the Cuddalore police has the credit of nabbing some of the most notorious gangs from Puducherry. There are a number of entry points to Cuddalore, and the gangs use them to cross over.

Police sources in Cuddalore said while that gangs from Puducherry have been crossing into the borders, there is need for more coordinated effort to control the menace.

“We have planned to hold routine border meetings with Puducherry police to take constructive steps to check criminal activities and nip them in the bud,” a police officer from Cuddalore said.

Police personnel from both the States will also share information during the inter-State coordination meetings to keep tab on criminals who flee to the border areas after committing a crime, the officer said.

The district police have also warned of invoking the Goondas Act against history-sheeters and rowdy elements from Puducherry indulging in crimes at the border areas.

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